Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

A Gift From God
  " Jill gave me a reading five years ago and I think she is a Gift from God and I wonder where she came from - she is truly blessed. She told me I would be meeting a man in Boca Raton, FL name Joseph and he would be a doctor. I just married Joseph, a Chiropractor, that I met in Boca!

Diana, Teacher
Ft Lauderdale, FL
She is the only accurate psychic I have ever laid eyes on!
  " I went to see Jill in 1999 and she told me I would meet someone online. She gave me the name and his description and said I would be getting married in 2004 and that he would be a doctor from Miami. I am getting married this June 2004 to exactly who she predicted - and Jill will be at the wedding! She is the only accurate psyshci I have ever laid eyes on!

Deborah Haz
Jupiter, FL
Jill Saved My Life
  " I went to see Jill for a reading and she told me to call my doctor right away, that I had a heart problem. Jill promised my doctor a reading if I could get an immediate appointment. They found that I needed heart surgery and was rushed right to the hospital for emergency surgery. We never would have known without her. She saved my life! The doctor was so impressed he came for a reading three months later!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jill is genuine
  "Jill Dahne is genuine, loves to help her clients and has a special gift. Jill has helped many people in their journeys. Jill has drawn hundreds of people to our Borders store in Fort Lauderdale especially when she reads for charity events. Jill has a way of making everyone comfortable in her presence."

Richelle Doliner, Community Relations Coordinator
Borders Books, Music & Cafe
I think the world of Jill
  "Jill told me at a session that my daughter-in-law would be pregnant that month. When I went home, I called them up and told them I had something to tell them, and they said they had something to tell me!. I asked them to go first, and they said they had just found out that she was pregnant. Jill also said it would be a girl, and it is! I think the world of Jill. Her predictions have been right on, every time, regarding me, my children and the incidents that she says will happen always do. "

Sheila J. Hantman
Law firm manager,Ft Lauderdale, FL
Alway's 100% right
  "All of your predictions are always 100% right!
You were right on target when you told me my business would be very successful!"

Barbara Terza, Broker
B & D Realty, Inc.
I'm Always Amazed

"The first time I ever met Jill - I walked in and she told me to forget the guy that I was dating - by name (not a common name by the way). She told me that he was married and that his wife was in Georgia and that they were expecting a baby and that he would never leave her (all of the above true). She also told me there was a trip to Hawaii and Texas in my future (again - I've said nothing to this point).

Another important point that she hit on was that I was in a contract situation at work and not to leave because they would sue me (since the first time I saw Jill - my employer has in fact threatened to do that if I were to leave). I have now been to her three times and am amazed every time I go. I would recommend Jill Dahne to any believer."

Pam Riddell

I Trust Jill
  "I have been very spiritual my entire life. I have also been to many, many psychics. I have found most of them to be vague. Jill was the only person that gave me specific details of what was going on in my life now, and where it was going. Our meetings are truly spectacular. She answered all of my questions with great detail. She doesn't use cards or any other item to answer your questions, she just knows. Jill has guided me through some of the most challenging times of my life. I also owe the success of my business to her as well. I TRUST Jill with my most intimate and personal issues, I have never felt that way about a psychic before. I Thank God for blessing Jill with the gift to help people, because it is a GIFT."

Diana Woods
I Am So Thankful

"I first met Jill Dahne in April of 1997, and I phoned her because I knew my marriage was in trouble and wanted to know where she would see my life going in the next year or so. In speaking with her she was easy to talk with, she told me that I would end my marriage sometime in the near future and in September of that year I would meet the man I would spend the rest of my life with and his name would begin with a "D" or a "B". Well in August of that year a man by the name of David came into my life and I fell for him instantaneously. Unfortunately for me at that time he was also in a marriage. So there I was on the phone again with Jill telling her I was so excited about this and how wonderful it felt, she then told me that their marriage was over but it would be at least two years before it ended in divorce . In the meantime I did go through a divorce and as time passed it was so hard to wait for the love of my life but finally his marriage is ending right on Jill's schedule and we can go on and live our life freely, openly and happily.

I cannot say in words what a wonderful girl Jill is, she is such a warm, caring thoughtful girl that it makes it so easy to speak with her. I am so thankful to have gone to her because here I am today so wonderfully happy, and she was always there for me through the whole ordeal."

Kathy McCollum

I Recommend Jill

"I was driving in my car one afternoon after teaching one day, and I usually listen to WNN Health radio. Chuck Zinc had a spot for people to call in for a world-renowned psychic, so I listen intently while on the turnpike. I called in and she told me when I would sell my house and move to another, and that I would have a new job in the fall, and she also told me that my husband would find work in Palm Beach. Well, it all happened just that way, so I mentioned Jill Dahne to my husband. He was building a large skyscraper in Coral Gables, and he believed it was possessed. Jill made the trip to the building and found out that it had previous bad energy due to a drowning under the piles. Long ago it had running water, where a boy drowned. This made sense as to why the job never finished and had so many problems.

My husband eventually got a job in Palm Beach. Jill has helped me make major decisions in buying and selling houses, in my business affairs, in my private life. She is always courteous and very sweet and very helpful. I would not make a move without her.

I recommend Jill Dahne to all my friends and family."

Nancy Fried-Tobin
From In Harmony with Nature

Jill Is Real

"I first contacted Jill in February of 1997. Following her instructions, I sent her a photo and a name and birth date of someone I wanted to know more about. When she and I had our appointment a few weeks later, I took notes of what she told me. I have had readings before and I am very careful not to give information that can be fed back to me, but with Jill, I didn't have to worry. She began talking very rapidly and she absolutely nailed this person's personality. She also told me about certain years in his life, and mine, which had marked turning points, and she told me what those turning points were. I hardly had a chance to speak because the information was coming so fast.

Since then, I have talked to Jill quite a few times, about different subjects and people, and I even visited her for an in-person reading when I went to Florida last year. That was an adventure, too, because some of my friends met Jill. One of my friends was getting married soon, and Jill looked right at her and congratulated her, without my making any introductions. After my friends left so I could have my reading, Jill told me that the girl who was getting married was going to be very happy, and t hat her birthday (which was coming up) was going to be very special and memorable, I hadn't told Jill the date of the wedding, only the date of my friend's birthday, but I knew that her fiancé was going to make sure that my friend spent her birthday in Milan, Italy. A memorable, special birthday was right!

I completely trust Jill to give an accurate description of anyone's personality, even when it contradicts the image in the photo. On one occasion, I sent a photo of a person whom I was feeling some ambivalence about. I asked Jill to let me know what made this person tick, and the photo showed someone who looked happy and fun. Jill described him as obnoxious, interested only in keeping his roommate so he could leach off him, and she described that his roommate felt responsible for him, almost as if the guy was his son. Although Jill said she couldn't understand why the other person felt that way, she was definite, that this was the connection between the two. Again, she was right! The guy turned out to be extremely selfish, manipulative, and the connection was that his roommate was his uncle, although he was only a few years older, and the uncle had been sort of "in charge" of the nephew since the nephew was 14, when he was sent to America to live with the uncle. All Jill had was a picture, a name, and a birth date, but she's been just as accurate when I only had two out of those three.

Finally, Jill had predicted that an ex-boyfriend and I would reunite somewhere around my birthday this year. I didn't really believe it, and I kept double-checking on later calls to Jill, even sometimes hoping she'd say she had been wrong. She never did - she always continued to say it still looked like we would get back together around my birthday, and again, she was right. I still don't really know how it happened, but he started calling right around my birthday, inviting me out to dinner more and more frequently, and about a month after my thirty-fourth birthday, we were dating again.

This all would probably be enough to convince someone that Jill is the real thing, but besides that, she is a very easy person to talk to. She's friendly, funny, and really understanding. I know that there were many times when I must have tired her with my double-checking, but she never lost her patience with me. I really appreciate everything Jill has done for me, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Lorena Valdez

I'm in Awe
  "I have been working with Jill Dahne, the psychic, for almost two years. During this time, she has demonstrated an uncanny ability to see the future and the accuracy of her readings have left me speechless and in awe. Jill has brought much comfort and solace as I learned to rely on her advice... if she says "don't worry", I don't! Most importantly, Jill has a true empathy and love for her friends and clients and the advice she gives is truly from the heart even when she doesn't deliver the news I want to hear. Being a therapist by proffession, I envy her ability to connect with her clients with such compassion and understanding. I recommend that anyone in need of "answers" to life's challenges give her a try...they won't regret it."

Mona Hayes
Jill Is Very Attentive
  "I first met Jill back in June of 1998. Feeling confused and discouraged from a handful of turmoil and anxiety filled years, I called her for an appointment after seeing an advertisement in City Link. When I got there she had already done her homework based on my birthdate and hearing my voice I suppose for all of three minutes while making the appointment. She was very attentive, hospitable, kind and sweet. I immediately was set at ease and found her very easy to talk to. There was a bi-directional conversation for a bit and then I was quiet, listening to her carefully. Jill can tell you, I am an extremely analytical person and if there is even the slightest discrepancy I WILL notice. Everything she told me was accurate. Even though she is a very busy person, she did not rush me out the door when the session was over. In addition to this, she has up to this week included, cared enough about me to on occasion call and check that I am ok. She is very blessed and motivated by her care for people as well as the obligation put upon her by God in giving her this gift. She takes this very seriously. I would recommend her to anyone, and have on numerous occasions. I am very happy to have met her and even more so to call her a friend."

Denise Kassem