Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

9/26/2008Oprah will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award this year for her TV show and I see her doing voice overs for movies for Disney and she will be more into producing.

9/26/2008Once again, please avoid Botox and use Restalin instead, I see lots of medical problems with Botox in the coming years

9/26/2008Tyra Banks TV show will overtake Oprah and she will be huge star.

9/26/2008I am worried about Patrick Swayze and his health getting gradually worse this year. Everyone needs to say positive prayers for him

9/26/2008We will be hearing about a pregnancy for Katie Holmes this year and it will be a boy.

9/26/2008Brittany will regain custody of her children

9/26/2008As I have said before, Brittany and Justin will get together and produce a number one single.

9/26/2008Morgan Stanley and Wachovia will do some sort of merger

6/10/2008Hillary Clinton has only suspended her campaign. I feel there is still more to come for her.

5/6/2008Lindsay Lohan will turn herself around in July/August and will start helping people with their drugs and alcohol problems.

5/6/2008A majority of young Hollywood stars, like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc will start a new fad of opening night clubs in their homes. You will hear all about in in Aug/Sept of 2008

5/6/2008By the end of 2008 we will hear that Britney Spears has opened up her own dance studios in California.

5/6/2008Bill Clinton will be the Vice President for President Hillary Clinton

3/16/2008As I said on NBC in November, we will be hearing about Bione being pregnant this year.

3/16/2008Venus is retrograde until April 15 - it is stronger than Mercury retrograde so watch communication with love ones.

3/16/2008There will be a lot of tornadoes in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas later this year. There is a lot of bad weather coming.

3/16/2008Saturn, Saab & Hummers will be going out of business by 2010. The same for Chrysler and GM. I don't see them getting the necessary funds.

3/16/2008Michaels craft stores will be going out of business by 2010.

3/16/2008Sout Florida, trim your trees, there are heavy winds coming to Dade, Broward and Palm Beach after the summer. It is going to be crazy weather but not a hurricane.

3/16/2008Like I said in 2007, I believe Castro is no longer with us. By 2010 we should start seeing a little bit of pardise over there.

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