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3/5/2014You should purchase these two stocks: MJNA and STEM

2/13/2013As I predicted 5 years ago. American Airlines and USAir are merging. I hope you listened and bought stock!

11/6/2012As I said on in February at the New Life Expo, Barack Obama will win the 2012 Presidential Election

12/25/2011Kristin and Rob from Twilight will go their separate ways for 2012. I see Rob more doing films in other countries and they both will meet new loves.

12/25/2011Results will show that Justin Bieber is not the father.. also he never knew or met this girl that is claiming these actions.. She just wanted publicity and money..

12/25/2011Kris Humphries will be signing with an NBA team next month.

12/25/2011Ryan Seacrest will replace Matt Lauer on the today show on NBC.

12/25/2011Lady Gaga's singing career will get even bigger after winning some more awards and she will be acting. It will be a huge success including producing and directing films.In 2012, the Super Star finally receives a Star in Hollywood walk of Fame

12/25/2011Lady Gaga will be bringing back 1930s and 1940s clothing and it will be a trend for 2012 - complete with her own line.

12/25/2011As I have been saying for 20 years, save your money to buy land in Cuba, as people with land deeds will be getting their land back and it will be a paradise.

12/25/2011Some Oscar Predictions: Best Actor- Leonardo Decaprio, Best Actress - Meryl Streep,

12/25/2011Aretha Franklin will begin to have health problems soon. I am sad because I see we will be loosing her to the heavens in 2012

7/8/2010I see the U.S., particularly in the middle states (Michigan, Ohio, etc) increasing manufacturing in 2012, cutting down Chinese imports

7/8/2010There will be a natural medicine developed that will really increase life spans plus people are living healthier lives, so we will see many more people living into the 100s

7/8/2010There will be a new birth control pill developed for men in 2011.

7/8/2010There will be a hurricane hitting Broward County Florida in the 2010 season, right after Aug 21

7/8/2010Prince Williams and Kate- we will be hearing wedding bells soon and it will be just like Dianas wedding

7/8/2010We will be hearing about Beyonce having a baby this year

7/8/2010Kim Kardashian will be getting engaged in this upcoming year and we will be hearing about a wedding right after.

11/24/2009The Colts will make it to the Superbowl

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