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The Jill Dahne Diet
Every day - cut up a fruit salad and put it in a container to bring to work (or use for home). Nibble on the fruit salad throughout the day. Note: watermelon must be used in the salad.
  • Breakfast options:
    1. Egg whites with veggies and ketchup, no cheese or butter. Use Pam cooking spray.
    2. Cereal corn flakes, raisin bran, Cheerios No Sugar (maybe Sweet-n-Low). Use fat free milk or lactose free milk
    3. Bagel scooped out with tuna fish filling or cottage cheese and jelly.

  • Lunch options:
    1. Tuna salad with carrots, onions, apples and pickles with half a head of lettuce. Dressing: Mix balsamic vinegar, Sweet-n-Low and mustard.
    2. Salad with chicken breast.
    3. Turkey burgers with ketchup.
    4. Boca burgers (or veggie burgers) with tomato, onions, lettuce and ketchup. NO BREAD*.
    5. Baked sweet potato, either whole or cut up.
    6. Chicken soup
    7. Pita bread sandwich with turkey, onions, tomato, mustard and lettuce sandwich.

    Do not add pasta, cheese, rice, red mead or regular potatoes to any of these lunch options.

  • Dinner options:
    1. Turkey burgers
    2. Fish or shrimp
    3. Salad
    4. Steamed or grilled vegetables

  • Recipe for steamed veggies:
    1. Cook onions,
    2. Make the letter C with your left hand using your thumb and forefinger. Using that much water, add the cooked onions, carrots, sweet potato, and cabbage.
    3. Mix together and steam with a tablespoon of chicken soup mix, a teaspoon of cumin, a dash of salt and pepper, and a drop of olive oil.
    4. Once the vegetables are steamed, serve over cous cous. Enjoy!

  • Dessert options:
    1. Jello with fruit
    2. Fat free chocolate jello pudding
  • Throughout the day, drink plenty of water or Gatorade. And be sure to walk once a day.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to drink a cup of hot tea (any kind). And have 1 apple, as it is a natural laxative. If you have digestive problems, ask your doctor before starting this nighttime ritual.

    I lost 55 pounds in 4 months on this diet! Good luck!

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